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DreamKlub is a unique and highly rewarding lightning fast Crowdfunding System in the world. Here at DreamKlub we take pride in the fact that our system is unlike most of the so- called crowd funding systems in the market today. We do not follow the endless Pyramid schemes neither is our algorithm based on any auto fill matrix system. Upon careful consideration of the failures of these systems from years together, we have developed a unique comprehensible in-house algorithm that makes us the fastest fundraising campaigner around the globe..

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First Step

Register and become an active donor

A one-time out of pocket donation of 15$ ( Rs. 1125 ) gets you started; it allows you to receive as much funds as you want. Upon registration, the system automatically assigns 2 receivers to your TT. You are required to donate ( 50$ (Rs.3750) / 2 = Rs.1875 ) to each of your 2 receivers by using any existing modes of payment.

Here, R1 and R2 are the 2 receivers of U where U is one of the two Patrons of R2. U donates 50 % 25$ (Rs.1875) to R1 and 50% 25$(Rs.1875) to R2.

Second Step

Assist 2 people to become active donors

With the help of a system generated referral code you can invite only 2 Patrons These 2 Patrons are added to your TT.

(Note: the referral code is de-activated after 2 Patrons are added to your TT. This is done to keep the system in check and expedite the process. However, a new referral code can be generated upon re-entry)

Here, P1 and P2 are the 2 Patrons of U where U is one of the two receivers of P1 and P2.

P1 donates 50 % 25$ (Rs.1875) to U. Similarly, P2 also donates 50% 25$ (Rs.1875) to U.

Every Patron is a Receiver and Every Receiver is a Patron.

Third Step

Help your Patrons to invite 2 more active donors

Your Patrons can invite 2 active donors with the help of their referral codes. These Patrons of your Patrons are automatically added to your TT.

So, in total, there are 2 receivers above you and 6 Patrons below you completing your TT.

Here, P3 and P4 are the two Patrons of P1 and P5 and P6 are the two Patrons of P2.

P1 is one of the two receivers of P3 and P4. Similarly, P2 is one of the two receivers of P5 and P6.

Since we already know that U is one of the two receivers for both P1 and P2, therefore, it is evident that U is indeed the other receiver for P3, P4, P5 and P6.

Don't Wait...

You don't have to wait on the system anymore to generate your patrons, it all depends on your active participation. As soon as you complete your TT, you receive 3 times the payback you deserve. So, the more you re-enter, the more you receive. Re-enter and manage your TT to get the maximum benefits of this system.

Recieve All The Benefits Of Having Your Own Crowdfunding System for Six Full Months For Only Rs.1125

Keep 100% Of All Your Crowdfunding Campaign Donations... We Never take a penny from your gains.




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We are committed to provide you a stable platform with equal opportunities. We encourage meaningful innovations to help you excel in every aspects of your life. Become an inspiration for your audience and Spread the ideas for a better tomorrow.


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Your Journey to Success Begins Here